Documents and festival's concert recordings. All rights reserved ©️Prague Sounds s.r.o.

Festival Recordings

Dan Bárta & Bobby McFerrin. Spring Gala for Strings of Autumn 2010. Municipal House: Improvisation: 5:26©️Prague Sounds 2020

Avishai Cohen Trio in Lucerna Rooftop: Simonero 10:21©️Prague Sounds 2020

Max Richter: Vivaldi Recomposed: Daniel Hope, Epoque Orchestra. Summer. 4:01 Floating Stage on the Vltava River©️Prague Sounds 2020

Andreas Scholl & Tamar Halperin for Strings of Autumn from the Kurhaus Wiesbaden: Greensleeves from Twilight People: 2:08©️Prague Sounds 2020

Radek Baborák & Orquestrina. Divadlo X10. Hommage à Piazzolla: Fracanapá 3:34 ©️Prague Sounds 2020


Strings of Autumn - first 25 years. Turn on ENG subtitles

Making of Hope (for Prague) on the Floating Stage on the Vltava: 3:14 ©️Prague Sounds 2020