Divadlo X10

Tenores di Orosei

Sardinian vocal polyphony

Tore Mula voche
Alessandro Contu basso
Alessandro Fadda cronta 
Francesco Mula mesu voche

Traditional Sardinian vocal music in its purest form, as the acclaimed ensemble performs at Strings in a call-back to the festival's much-loved vocal music series.

Tenores di Orosei Antoni Milia is one of the most famous traditional Sardinian vocal ensembles working today. The ensemble occupies a pre-emient place in the international panorama of ethnic and religious music, and its repertoire includes both sacred songs, known as 'Cuncordu,' and secular songs, or 'Tenore.'

The group sings ancient religious songs in Latin, as well as a specific repertoire of Sardinian sacred songs ('gotzos'). In terms of their secular repertoire, they are masters of the local songs that accompany serenades and traditional dances – songs learned in 'tzilleris,' the typical bars of the island.

Tenores di Orosei are notable for their openness to other musical traditions, sometimes collaborating with artists from genres like jazz, and have toured throughout Italy and around the world. In 2018, they released their second album 'Pitzinnu mi torro,' a collection of fourteen sacred songs from Sardinia. The album included one song that had never before been performed or published – a testament to their ongoing engagement with traditional forms.

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