Jiří Suchý

Recitál *90

On the evening before Suchy's 90th birthday, a one-off reprisal and the final performance of the exceptional staged recital which was first performed at Strings of Autumn 2019

'Still, we really must play at Rudolfinum one day. The piano's always well-tuned, and, even more importantly, all the best people go there.' So said Jiří Šlitr in the interlude of the song 'Tři tety.' Strings of Autumn made this wish come true in 2019, precisely 50 years after Šlitr's death, with a unique programme centered around his long-term artistic partner, the living legend Jiří Suchý.

The stage set is inspired by the famous 1960s television programme 'Recital '64,' which featured a string of iconic songs by Suchý and Šlitr and was directed by Jan Roháč. The recital provides a unique musical experience, showcasing a range of immortal songs from the golden era of the Semafor theatre, with an atmosphere enhanced by the set design of Michal Caban, inspired by the period atmosphere and black-and-white aesthetic of the original programme.

"The grace and charisma with which Jiří Suchý carried off this hour-and-a-half programme – without leaving the stage or even taking a moment to sit down – was incredible. He threw himself into the role of frontman and never let up. Hats off to him: not only for the exceptionally creative life he's led, but also for the remarkable form he's currently in.' Ondřej Bezr, Lidovky 

Festival program