Practical Information

Covid info

In line with currently valid Czech government regulations, entry to a regulated event is only possible for attendees who fulfill one of the following requirements of entry:

- vaccination certificate (showing full vaccination complete)
- Confirmation of having had Covid within the last 180 days.
- Children and young people aged 12-18 must provide a negative PCR test result no older than 72 hours (from the time of testing)
- Those who have had their first dose of the vaccine should provide proof of application of first dose, along with a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours old (from time of test).

Children under 12 do not need to provide confirmation of health status

People who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons - to turn the Tecka app green (on the basis of confirmation from a doctor entered into the ISIN system), a negative PCR test no older than 72 hours (from the time of testing) is required.

Lateral-flow and PCR tests will no longer be accepted as proof of health status for people of 18 and over.

As per information from the Ministry of Culture website, 'organisers of cultural events are not obliged to refund ticket-holders who are not able to meet the requirements of the latest Ministry of Health regulations. These ticketholders can contact the Ministry of Finance to discuss ticket refunds. Refunds will be given only in the case of cancelled cultural events.'

You can find more information on the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

On entering the event venue attendees agree with the conditions of the organisers and declare that they will fulfill the conditions for attending cultural events shown above. Attendees are aware that the organisers will be check that such conditions have been fulfilled. If attendees do not allow such checks or do not fulfill the necessary conditions, they will be banned from entering the event site.

Attendees agree to wear a respirator (minimum FFP2), use disinfectant, and maintain sensible social distance where possible during the event.

If the above conditions are not met, the visitor will not be admitted to the venue and is not entitled to a refund.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all productions shown under the heading Prague Sounds, Strings of Autum. Venues are taken to mean all spaces and places where events will take place and where all services connected to these events and their partners are provided, including accompanying events organised by the festival or its partners and all other spaces that bear the names of the festival and event partners.

Agreement with Terms and Conditions
In buying a ticket for or attending any event, the attendee confirms his/her agreement with the terms and conditions.

Responsibilities of the Organisers. Attendees of events are obliged to respect and adhere to the instructions of the festival organisers. If these are not adhered to, the organisers reserve the ight to remove the attendee from the venue of the event. Members of the organiser's team are available for the protection of attendees and to ensure the safety of the venue. The responsibilities of the organisers include: checking tickets at the entrance to the event venue and during the event; a security search at the entrance to the venue (all attendees are strictly forbidden to bring dangerous and banned objects into the venue; escorting attendees from the event venue (those without a valid ticket, aggressive individuals, those endangering the safety of others, unauthorised sellers and sellers breaching contracted agreements on selling goods, dealers of all intoxicating substances and all others whose behaviour threatens the smooth running of the event or threatens the safety of attendees); preventing attendees from entering spaces not open to the public.

Photography and Recording
During the event, flash photography and audio recording of the artists are prohibited, as is the use of mobile telephones.

No Smoking
Smoking is not permitted at festival events, including the use of e-cigarettes

Recordings The festival may arrange for photographic or video recording of the event to take place for the purposes its presentation and promotion.

Agreement with Recording
Upon entering the event venue, audience members agree with the recording of themselves and its possible use by the organisers within the framework of cooperation with partners of supporters of the festival, and this includes the fulfillment of contractual obligations towards such subjects. Concert attendees have the right to refuse or retract agreement to be photographed or filmed. In such cases, please contact the organisers by email at:

Agreement with Use of E-mail Address In buying a ticket you agree with the use of your e-mail address to provide information about changes, postponements, on cancellations. Your e-mail address will be provided to the Prague Sounds festival, Strings of Autum by the GoOut ticket sales network.

Entry to the concert venue and venues for pre- and post-concert gatherings is available only to holders of a valid ticket or invitation, except in areas where tickets and invitations are not required.Prevention of

Entry restriction
Entry to the venue will be denied those who are not suitably dressed and those obviously under the influence of alcoholic or other intoxicating or psychotropic substances. On entering the venue, ticket-holders are required to undergo a security check at the request of the organisers or their security agency. If such a check is refused by the ticket-holder, he/she will not be allowed to enter the venue. Ticket-holders are not allowed to bring animals into the venue, with the exception of guide dogs. Attendees are forbidden to bring into the venue any kinds of weapons, explosives, toxic materials, or any other items that could directly or indirectly endanger the health of other attendees. In all venues, the use of open fire and pyrotechnics is prohibited, including the use of balloons or flying lanterns.

Food and Drink Attendees are forbidden to bring food and drink into the venue. Entry to the venue opens 1 hour before the start of the event and closes 5 minute before it starts.

Entry and Late Entry Attendees are obliged to take their places in the venue in good time for the start of the concert, and no later than 10 minutes before it begins. If attendees arrive late, they may enter the venue only during breaks for applause or will be offered alternative seats or standing places, or will be allowed entry during the official interval of the concert (if applicable). The organisers have the right to decide on when to admit latecomers.

Additional Conditions If limitations on the organising of cultural events are put in place by state or government authorities, attendees are obliged to adhere to these restrictions. Up-to-date information about such conditions will be available on the official website of the organisers, social media, and through ticket outlets. Restrictions may include: proof of uninfected status, negative PCR test, body temperature measurement at the entry to the venue, obligation to wear protective masks at the venue, etc.