Madeleine Peyroux

Careless Love

Madeleine Peyroux vocals and guitar
Andy Ezrin keyboards
Barak Mori bass
Graham Hawthorne drums

Czech debut for the American singer who started out as a busker in Paris, before establishing herself on her return to the USA as a songwriter and performer to rank alongisde the likes of Norah Jones, Diana Krall, and Joni Mitchell.

When Madeleine Peyroux released her debut album Dreamland in 1996, it was somethign of a revelation. It contained songs that had grown out of the rich and varied roots  of American music filtered through Madeleine's Parisian influences, and gave listeners the chance to get acquainted with the distinctive colour and intonation of her voice, which many compared to the legendary Billie Holiday. 


The success of her follow-up album Careless Love, perhaps an even stronger record, came as little surprise. The album remains Peyroux's most commercially successful recording, and also a benchmark for music taking in elements as diverse as jazz, gospel, country, pop, cabaret, folk, and original songwriting.  Bassist and producer Larry Klein became a key figure during the recording of Careless Love. Armed with the experience of working with artists from a range of genres, from Bob Dylan to Joni Mitchell and Herbie Hancock, he was able to craft a musical environment for Peyroux's vocal style, and also helped with the choice of repertoire.

The songs Peyroux interprets on the album and has continued to perform live draw from the varied genre mix we observe from the very beginning of her career. On one album, or at one concert, we hear songs by Leonard Cohen, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, and – in the case of the title song – W.C. Handy: all tastefully held together by Peyroux's bewitching voice and couched in arrangements of the highest quality.

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