Vinicius Cantuária


Perhaps the most important figure on the contemporary bossa nova scene, Cantuaria follows compatriot Joyce Moreno in continuing the festival’s Brazilian series.

Brooklyn-based Brazilian Vinicius Cantuaria is the contemporary standard-bearer for bossa nova – but he has never been content simply to replicate the sound of the likes of Tom Jobim or Caetano Veloso (Cantuaria served his apprenticeship as a member of Veloso’s band). Instead, he has incorporated avant-garde touches, electronica, and jazz into the music, always with taste and subtlety, gently steering the form into the 21st century.

Cantuaria’s albums have featured collaborations with artists like David Byrne, Brad Mehldau, Arto Lindsay, Ryuchi Sakamoto, and Brian Eno, and in 2011 he released Lagrimas Mexicanas, a joint album with jazz guitarist Bill Frisell, which met with universal acclaim. His Strings of Autumn concert is his first ever in the Czech Republic, and continues the Brazilian series begun last year by Joyce Moreno: another opportunity to see a master of bossa nova in an intimate solo recital.

‘The most legitimate heir apparent to Tropicalismo legend Caetano Veloso, Cantuaria has emerged as a fearlessly experimental figure in Brazilian music in the past 20 years.’


‘Vinicius Cantuaria is the doyen of Brazilian singer-songwriters – more melodic than Caetano Veloso, more consistent that Gilberto Gil…a high-water mark in Brazilian culture.’


  • Partner of the concert

  • Partner of the concert

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