Daniel Hope

& l’arte del mondo

DANIEL HOPE – violin

Vivaldi Re-Composed

Classic work The Four Seasons played back to back in its original form, and in a new re-imagined setting by contemporary composer Max Richter

For violinist Daniel Hope (5-time winner of the ECHO Klassik award), there are few heights left to scale. He has worked with the greatest orchestras and conductors and played in the world’s major concert halls. His career is notable for a willingness to put classical works in a broader context – be it drama, literature, history, or other musical genres – so it is no surprise that he was drawn to Max Richter’s new piece, Vivaldi Re-composed, an avant-garde ‘upgrade’ to the Four Seasons.

Genre-hopping composer Richter was approached by Deutsche Grammophon to reimagine the work, a process Richter describes as ‘taking a new path through a well-known landscape.’ The result is an engrossing and challenging piece in its own right. Daniel Hope was captivated by the piece, describing it as ‘really out of this world. It’s as if an alien had picked it up and pulled it through a time warp.’ Vivaldi Recomposed was premiered at the Barbican in London with the Britten Sinfonia. Its performance at Strings of Autumn will be one of the first in mainland Europe.

L’Arte del Mondo is a highly-praised early music ensemble led by Werner Ehrhardt. The ensemble has performed with soloists such as Reinhold Friedrich, Xavier de Maistre, Chen Reiss, and Uri Caine.

Max Richter will not appear in this performance of Recomposed by Max Richter, Vivaldi The Four Seasons.

‘Hope has brilliant technique and fire, … passion and intelligence.’
The Times


‘Vivaldi Recomposed’s] familiar melodies do unexpected things, resulting in an experience that’s both disturbing yet full of strange delights.’
The Guardian


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