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  • Nov 27

    Podcats from the concerts

    Let´s bring back music memories from the concerts. Watch videopodcasts and interviews with  Mariza , Colin Currie Group a Estrella Morente from Strings of Autumn 2014.

  • Nov 27

    Get ready for GALA concert

    In the case of the Spring Gala for Strings of Autumn it is stated on the concert tickets: ‘Recommended attire: black suit/ evening gown.’ What are the basic requirements for meeting this ‘dress code’? Read an interview with Eliska Hasek Coolidge. […]

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This country’s most exciting music festival.

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A festival concept without precedent in this country.


One of Prague’s most innovative musical undertakings.

The New York Times

One of the most important music events in the Czech Republic.



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